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07/14/2011 - 17:32

The debate over whether online retailers should be collecting sales tax is one of those “level playing field” issues that puts traditional brick and mortal retailers at a disadvantage. Or does it?

07/14/2011 - 16:51

Small suppliers looking to establish business relationships with Massmart following Walmart’s acquisition of a controlling stake in the company would be well served to learn the correct pronunciation of Mncane Mthunzi.

07/14/2011 - 16:26

Keeping tabs on key personnel moves at Walmart’s home office in Bentonville is hard enough, but the situation is even more challenging in overseas markets due to an uneven and selective disclosure strategy.

07/14/2011 - 16:23

That was the provocative, if somewhat dated, question Smart Money used as a headline on a story this week based on a consumer survey conducted by Morgan Stanley analyst Mark Wiltamuth.

07/12/2011 - 13:47

The Network of Executive Women will induct the first group of honorees into the newly created CPG Retail Diversity Hall of Fame on Monday, Sept. 19, as part of the organization’s annual Leadership Summit.

07/12/2011 - 11:21

Walmart and Sam's Club stores, with the help of associate, customer and member donations, between May 1 and June 13 raised more thatn $27.9 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

07/07/2011 - 17:14

The 4.5% increase in same-store sales Target reported for June was at the high end of the company’s expectations, came on top of a prior year increase of 1.7% and was driven primarily by an increase in average transaction size with a more modest benefit associated with increased traffic.

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